1. What is your mininum order quantity?


The MOQ is one 20 feet containter for bamboo products used as plant supports  (bamboo  canes,flower sticks,u-shape bamboo,etc.).Mostly our customers prefer to import by 40'hq container for economic reason of shipping cost. 


Big bamboo poles,from dia.5-15cm,are Moso bamboo.


For archeries products,no MOQ limitness.


2.What type is the bamboo your company sell?


The bamboo is high quality tonkin bamboo, Arundinaria amabilis McCl, also called sometimes Tsinglee cane.This species of bamboo is beige to gold in color, has a thick outer wall and smooth, less protruding nodes. Used for plant supports and fences, fly-rod manufacturers favor Tonkin cane for making fly-fishing rods.


Bamboo arrows are also made of selected high quality tonkin bamboo.