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Item No.:
Size: 38~40cm
Color: nature yellow
Packing: bubble films

Detailed introduction


bamboo timpani mallets/drumsticks/drum sticks
material: tonkin bamboo
quality * the bamboo shaft is very very straight

* the node is in the exact middle of the bamboo shaft

* the node / joint size is very smooth and the hole in the middle of bamboo shaft is very few and small
size diameter:   9~10mm       length:38cm
                  10~11mm                   38cm
                  11~12mm                   38cm
                  12~14mm                   38cm
  diameter:   9~10mm       length: 40cm
                  10~11mm                   40cm
                  11~12mm                   40cm
                  12~14mm                   40cm
  Other sizes can be customized