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bamboo basket

Item No.:
Size: different for your choice
Color: nature yellow or green
Packing: box or carton

Detailed introduction

gift basket


Material:natural bamboo which have been dried,antisepsis, no mould 


Diameter:as customer's requirement



We have more than 500 kinds of products which are all handmade by natural  bamboo. Our products include: baskets,wine racks,phone case , bamboo and wooden crafts and so on.

They are widely used for fashion, home décoration, home accessories and wicker furniture etc. These various eco-friendly products are very popular with the world.


   You can get the best price , as we are the factory.

   All the products are for your free choice.

   The minimum order quantity is 100 piece.


If you are a wholesaler, you can expand your commodity variety promptly.

If you are a retailer, you can use least money to purchase most kinds of commodities.

If you are intending to start your business, 500pcs is totally enough for storing

these products.

Then many choices for you: opening online shops, marketing to stores, or attending trade shows and so on