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magazine display rack

Item No.:
Size: 46x38cm
Color: nature yellow
Packing: box or carton

Detailed introduction

The most material of our products is tonkin bamboo canes.

Tonkin bamboo cane is also called sometimes Tsinglee cane. This Tonkin bamboo-variety is usually growing up to more than 10 meters high, 2~5 centimeters thick, sometimes even up to 8 centimeters thick. Tonkin cane is a perennial grass-like plant species, which has strong climate compatibility, and also can grow in the below zero low temperature, but is best adapted to warm and moist regions. The need for some soil-nutrients is somewhat high.The soil layer must be deep, be light-textured, including high organic

matter content and being a mineral rich acidic sandy soil; the elevation should be around 150~700 meters  .