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Bamboo arrow shafts

Item No.:
Size: Length:84cm(33
Color: Brown

Detailed introduction

Bamboo arrow shafts are made of high quality bamboo by hand.


Mainly 84cm & 100cm long for most user in USA for hunting or training or DIY for making bamboo arrows, diameter 9mm , very straight. These are true superb bamboo shafts that have been heat tempered and heat straightened by hand. wonderful finished bamboo arrows with our bamboo shafts by buyers. Making bamboo arrows,diameter 7 -9mm ,very straight,3-5 nodes within that length keeping stable when flying, distance between nodes very similar, well matched in diameter some distance at both ends near lastest nodes for maker to cut their design size, they are already  carbonized and heated in  brown colour, no bends or kinks,polished very smooth ,  no splits or cracks, rot or other damage. varnished for maintain straight for long time.